My first Burton IT1 report is out…

Something of a milestone day today, as my first IT1 analyst report has finally made it through the gastric tract of the corporate publishing animal, and now appears under the IT research category on the Burton Group repository, here. (You’ll need an IT1 subscription to get the full document, I’m afraid… that’s the world we live in though). I may not approve of paywalls for daily newspapers (or blogs…), but that doc took me a couple of months to create – so I hope it’s worth the price of admission.

It’s on the topic of “Changing a Privacy Policy Statement”… my colleagues Ian Glazer and Bob Blakley and I took a look at some of the more interesting ways in which changes to privacy policy statements have been ‘got wrong’ in recent months, and tried to come up with a model for getting it right.

Obviously, it’s not just about changing the privacy policy statement; if that isn’t mirrored in corresponding changes to the organisation’s privacy policy itself, and in appropriate communication to the data subjects, something is going to go awry – it’s just a question of when, and how embarrassingly.

Anyway, if you are a subscriber, please have a look and let me know what you think. This is meant to be the first of many such reports, so for goodness’ sake let me know if I’m getting it wrong!