XML Summer School 2010, Oxford

Do you sometimes find yourself watching the commercial break during a TV programme and thinking “sanitary pads? volumizing mascara? chocolate flavoured diet bars? Strange – I thought I quite liked this programme, but I am obviously not supposed to, judging by its target demographic…”?

Well, with any luck, I am not about to induce the same feeling…

The XML Summer School is an event I was introduced to by two former colleagues at Sun Microsystems – Eve Maler and Lauren Wood – both of whom have been formative influences on it since its creation in 2000. The principle is very simple: you assemble a ‘faculty’ of experts, give them topics to lecture on, add congenial surroundings and extra-curricular activities, and stir in a generous mixture of participants. The result, in my experience, is quite exceptional…

There is deep technical expertise in abundance, in domains ranging from cognitive science, software and user interface design through to the nitty-gritty of RESTful applications and XML Schemas. There are also plenty of opportunities to engage with the faculty members, whether facilitated by a pint or a punt, so this is a very long way from the run-of-the-mill classroom course. As what I can only assume is a bit of (relatively) non-technical light relief, I will be talking about future directions in digital identity and privacy, as part of the Web Services and Identity course.

The whole thing is ably masterminded by John Chelsom, an experienced software developer and entrepreneur, who asked if I would extend this invitation. I am delighted to do so:

XML Summer School
5th – 10th September 2010
St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

The XML Summer School is a unique event for everyone using, designing or implementing solutions using XML and related technologies. Our speakers are some of the world’s most renowned XML practitioners and teachers, who enrich the learning experience with their enthusiasm and expert knowledge, and are always on hand to make sure that delegates receive the very best XML training available.

As always, the XML Summer School is packed with high quality technical XML training for every level of expertise, from the Hands-on Introduction through to special classes devoted to XSLT, XQuery, Semantic Technologies, Web Services and Identity. The Summer School is also a rare opportunity to experience what life is like as a student in one of the world’s oldest university cities.

To find out more and to register your place on the XML Summer School please visit www.xmlsummerschool.com

Dr John Chelsom
Partner, Eleven Informatics LLP

So there we have it; I’ll be there along with John and the rest of the faculty, and I hope you can join us at “Teddy Hall” in September!