Slight change of role

I thought I would post an update to let everyone know about a gentle shift in direction…

As readers you’re probably aware, for the last 10 months I’ve been the Liberty Alliance’s Director for Privacy and Public Policy. One of my duties was to define an equivalent post for the Kantara Initiative; I also helped recruit and establish Kantara’s Privacy and Public Policy Work Group (P3WG), which I have chaired since its foundation.

I’m happy to say that, since it was chartered in June 2009, P3WG has rapidly attracted a growing and influential core of members – currently up to 52. The Work Group has a weekly conference call, and held face-to-face sessions at the Kantara plenaries in Las Vegas in September, with strong representation from our Japanese and New Zealand colleagues as well as the US public sector.

The Group’s work has also been evolving well: we produced ad hoc responses to the US General Services Administration (GSA) ICAM team on their Identity Assurance plans, and the Public Voice civil society organisation on their Madrid Declaration on Privacy. Perhaps more important: as well as the ad hoc work, we have been assembling and prioritising our candidate work items for the coming months, so that we have a clear and robust structure for meeting the Group’s strategic objectives.

As the Kantara Initiative moves forward, I have been invited to take up the equivalent Director of Privacy and Public Policy post I mentioned earlier, and I accepted without hesitation. I decided that that was a good time to step down as Chair of the P3WG, so that we can maintain a clear separation of duties between those two roles and avoid any perception of conflict of interest.

Accordingly, P3WG ballotted for a new Chair, and I am delighted to say that the post will be filled by Dr Abbie Barbir, whose professional background and experience in OASIS and ITU-T make him an outstanding person for the job. Abbie will enjoy the excellent assistance of Jeff Stollman and Darrell Shull, both of whom have said they will carry on as officers of the Group. I’m handing over the reins of P3WG to a strong and extremely competent team, which is very gratifying.

Of course, as DPP for Kantara, I will continue to have a very direct interest in P3WG’s work, and look forward to taking that forward with the team. The work programme is strong, relevant and innovative, and exciting times lie ahead.


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  1. WH says:

    Congratulations on your new role, and best wishes!

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