"… down to the ball game"

A belated word of thanks to Rich Goodwin of PinnaclePoint technologies, who had the brilliant idea of rounding off Burton Catalyst ’09 with an outing to the Friday night baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Milwaukee Brewers. And a fabulous evening it was, too. The home crowd were happy, because their team recovered from a dismal few innings to take the match 11-7, and I was happy because it’s the first live baseball game I’ve been to, and I had Rich on hand to explain the finer points.

About halfway through the game, a foul ball went into the front row of the stands directly between us and third base, and into the left hand of a spectator… who was on his cellphone at the time. Cool as a cucumber. However, I think even he would have to acknowledge the superior coolness of an Arizona Diamondbacks fan who, the previous evening, managed this one… In the left hand, the baseball; in the right hand, the offspring and the giant soda. Nice.