A pointer to "Tech And Law" blog

Some excellent posts on the Tech and Law blog, which deserves to be in your feed-reader (and not just because I get a mention ;^).

Notably good pieces on:

  • the sensible and other uses of RFID in credentials;
  • the apparent poor maturity of UK ID Card plans relative to those of other EU member states;
  • plans for US Government ID schemes to cater for anonymity and pseudonymity;
  • Conservative plans to get rid of ID databases, not just ID cards…

There’s also a post (21st July) on Daniel Solove’s recent comments about privacy, gossip and the indelible Web. This is a theme which I think is going to filter into the collective consciousness – and the sooner the better, I think. It’s one which I have summed up recently as follows:

There’s no such thing as “social networking”. There’s “social interaction” and there’s “networking”. If you assume that both operate by the same rules (regardless of how tempting appearances may make that assumption) you’re fooling yourself. Admittedly, that’s just what a lot of us are doing these days – but we don’t yet know what the implications of that mass consensual delusion are.

Anyway, head over to Tech & Law’s new URL and have a read. As Chaucer put it:

“Ye get namore of me, but ye wole rede / Th’origynal that telleth al the cas[e]”.


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  1. Many thanks for your pointer and for your kind words Robin! Needless to say your blog is in my reader, and has been for some time. 🙂

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