Main-stream, Schmain-stream…

I know it’s trendy to bitch about the Main-Stream Media, but in my opinion they are spot on sometimes:

“A glance at some of the papers yesterday [sic] might have led you to believe that something truly momentous had happened: Alan Johnson, the shiny new home secretary and sometime last-resort leadership hope of desperate Labour MPs, had finally rid the government of its self-imposed policy millstone and binned the ID card scheme. If only. What Mr Johnson did instead was something much more modest, but which nevertheless erodes yet further the government’s case for the identity database.

Of all the bits that go towards the £5bn ID project, however, the bit of plastic was both the most visible and the least important. Two other aspects were considerably more important: the biometric technology which is anyway going into new passports and driving licences, and the identity database.” The Guardian (Editorial, 2nd July 2009)

“Mr Johnson’s announcement is probably sufficient to make the roll-out of any ID card fall below critical mass.

All that having been said, Mr Johnson’s announcement signals less of a policy climb-down course-change than it might appear. There is, for instance, no change to the plans for a National Identity Register, and anyone applying for a UK passport will continue to have their details entered in that repository. Similarly, there’s still no apparent change to the policy on DNA retention, despite the European ruling earlier this year… though perhaps it’s a little unreasonable to expect two major climb-downs course-changes in quite such short succession.” Future Identity (blog post, 30th June 2009)

Come on, chaps… keep up! ;^)