So… it’s the Swiss we don’t like…

I regret that I have two corrections to make to my earlier post about the UK ID Cards policy.

The first is that, far from being a climb-down or policy course-change, the Home Secretary’s cancellation of compulsory ID cards was in fact a re-affirmation of committment to the scheme and the signal for an accelerated roll-out. This document on the IPS website provides further details.

The second is to clarify that, while European Economic Area citizens will not have to be issued with UK ID cards, the exemption does not extend as far as European Free Trade Area citizens. So, while the Norwegians, Icelanders and Liechtensteiners are OK, the Swiss are PNG.

I can only assume this is at once a subtle pay-back to the recently-defeated Stanislas Wawrinka for keeping Andy Murray on court past his bedtime, and a masterly pre-emptive ploy aimed at Roger Federer.

Stephen Potter would be proud