Granular Content Distribution…

(I thought that was what you got when they grit the motorway…)

Have you ever wanted Future Identity’s insights into digital identity and privacy, but without Racingsnake’s tedious socio-political ravings?

Well, here’s the solution: my identity/privacy-related posts are now being ‘syndicated’ on the Kantara Initiative blog, where I post in my role as Director of Privacy and Public Policy for the Liberty Alliance. I’ve graciously agreed not to cheapen their brand with my rants. You’ll still get opinion and analysis as well as the occasional fact, but the posts will be more specifically related to my privacy and public policy work – plus, you’ll see posts from other Kantara contributors.

On this blog, you’ll get everything I post to Kantara, plus the usual sarcasm and indignation. Enjoy… and I mean that sincerely. ;^)


One thought on “Granular Content Distribution…

  1. CarolynC says:

    >>Have you ever wanted Future Identity's insights into digital identity and privacy, but without Racingsnake's tedious socio-political ravings?No. Don’t go changing to try and please me…:^)Seriously, hooray for you!

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