Beyond reasonable doubt

I’ve finally cracked the business model for my new venture, and like all great ideas, it’s devastatingly simple. I simply lock 16 million people in a room, and charge them to be let out. Awesome.

Well, if it works for Connectivity, why shouldn’t it work for me..?

In case you’re concerned about the privacy implications – worry not. Connectivity cleared their scheme with the ICO beforehand, and got the following guidance:

“We made it absolutely clear to Connectivity that they should not use numbers where there was any doubt about whether the consumer was happy for their information to be used in this way.”

I’m OK, then; as Connectivity haven’t asked me whether I’m happy or not for my information to be used in this way, doubt is definitely present.


One thought on “Beyond reasonable doubt

  1. Robin Wilton says:

    Apparently you can now unsubscribe from Connectivity's mobile phone directory listing, without being charged. All you have to do is give them your mobile phone number:

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