Privacy Good Practice

Over on Twitter, both Toby Stevens and Privacy International have noted this Register article about Privacy Notices… you know – those appalling screeds of text which bury you in useless information, and which are designed to produce enough (virtual) paper to cover the (virtual) backside of the publishing site in case they ever have to argue about your privacy rights.

The Register piece in turn reports on a US Government study into whether privacy notices “do their job of informing consumers and helping them to make a decision”, and whether they do it better if expressed as a table rather than as a wall of text.

The study concluded that tables are better – which was good news for me, as that was the approach I adopted back in March when Future Identity Ltd was asked to draft a privacy policy for a local club. Here’s a link to the site, in case you’re interested: Trowbridge Aikikai – Your Privacy.

Having looked at their site and how it works, I also thought it would be good practice to give members some guidance about what happens if they opt to “Register” via the website. You can view that here: Guidance about registering.

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