Not the G20 Summit…

Haven’t tried this before, so apologies in advance if it is a little rough around the edges. I thought I would post a slide showing an overview of the models we developed through the Liberty Privacy Summits, for guiding and structuring a productive discussion about Identity and Privacy. They seemed to go down well with the Summit participants… at any rate, there were no street riots, and hardly any bottle-throwing to speak of.

The resolution doesn’t look too good on the blog itself, I know, but if you click on the image you should get a full-sized version which is much clearer.

In running the Summits, the first big challenge we faced was to get stakeholders with very different perspectives talking the same language when discussiing abstract topics like identity, privacy, trust and so on. These simple models started out as a way to do that.

However, I’m now working on using them as a basis for stakeholder-specific analyses… for instance, how to the models map onto the needs and priorities of a corporate CPO, or a public sector project director. I hope to post those as well, in due course, but in the meantime plan to go through these three basic models as an introduction, giving examples of how they were useful in the Summit discussions.

I’d be interested in people’s feedback…


One thought on “Not the G20 Summit…

  1. CarolynC says:

    Robin, I think it is excellent that you are doing a stakeholder analysis. (Need help?) :^)This is a nice one page conceptual view of the London Based Privacy Summit Report February – March 2008 PDF document pointed to, from here: I hadn’t read this “20 but in essence 11 page document” first, I wouldn’t entirely appreciate what the onion-ladder-stovepipe model was depicting. This one page, does, however, express the concepts that are more fully explored and explained in the 11/20 page PDF.

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