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I am fairly sure that “twittering about privacy” is an oxymoron, but to satisfy a colleague and my own curiosity, I’m going to give it a go.

As you will see, for the time being there is a twitter feed on this blog page – or for those of you who already twitter, my ID is futureidentity.

I haven’t felt a pressing need to sign up with twitter up to now – but then, when I first started blogging I wasn’t sure that was for me either, and I seem to have ended up doing quite a lot of it. We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Twittering on…

  1. There is no contradiction involved in making public statements about privacy, so twittering about privacy is essentially no different from blogging or writing learned articles about privacy. The real question here is whether you will be able and willing to reveal enough about yourself in your tweets to get people to pay attention to your thoughts.I am richardveryard on twitter.

  2. Robin Wilton says:

    Well, quite. And one reason I finally signed up was to see if I would be comfortable with the level of “implicit” disclosure which twittering involves.For instance, if I twitter from my trip to Frankfurt (and let’s assume that I’m honest, for the sake of argument…), then as well as whatever I say explicitly, I also make the implicit revelation that I am in Frankfurt (or not at home…).It remains to be seen whether I am always comfortable with that level of disclosure.

  3. CarolynC says:

    Having spent a number of years in the research business, mostly business to business, but some business to consumer, I learned a lot about the phenomenon of “TMI” (too much information). It amazes me at times what people volunteer to tell you. It seems to me that as long as you maintain an awareness of what implicit message you might deliver along with the explicit message, that you will self regulate what you actually tweet. I’m sure I’ve told you before, that you and a hand full of others have helped me find the courage to speak online. I have trepidations about social networks like Facebook. Even joining LinkedIn was a giant step for CarolynC in conquering a comfort level. Watching what you and others do with Twitter is intriguing to me, and who knows, maybe I’ll even sign up some day. Right now, however, my attention is needed elsewhere. I admire your stepping into another realm. :^) As Richard points out, it could serve you well as a valuable communications channel.

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