New link to website, and a privacy tweak

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a minor change to the layout of this blog.

In the sidebar I’ve added a link to the new Future Identity website, which I have set up to give people some more information about the new company, its aims and what it can offer. I’ve put a couple of recent white papers on there already, and hope to add reports from consultancy engagements as that becomes possible. Have a look around the site, and do let me know if you find anything which is broken.

Also, a quick note about “Following” the blog. I was going to remove the “Followers” display, as I felt a little uneasy that opting to ‘follow’ the blog resulted in your details being displayed. However, it turns out that I don’t have that option… if I remove the “Followers” gadget you can’t ‘follow’ the blog.

The good news is that when you opt to ‘follow’, you can specify that you want to do so anonymously, in which case you won’t show up in the side-bar. So please feel free to continue following, and remember that you have the option to do so anonymously if you prefer. I have also added the “Subscriptions” gadget which will allow you to subscribe using various standard feeds.


8 thoughts on “New link to website, and a privacy tweak

  1. Hi Robin. I am afraid my identity as an eagle is seriously compromised, because by subscribing to the feed I don’t see changes to the layout.In any case, I am puzzled by “follow”, which seems to have spread from the Twitter world into all sorts of other areas. How do you see the significance of “follow” from an identity point of view? Am I endorsing you and/or your blog? If I choose to endorse you anonymously, isn’t this just completely meaningless?

  2. Robin Wilton says:

    Fair point, Richard… if you’re already a feed reader this won’t have made any difference. As for “Following” – I’m just experimenting with it, and wanted to see what (if anything) I could do to make it more respectful of the follower’s privacy. Not a lot at my end, it seems, but there is the anonymity option if people want to exercise it.

  3. CarolynC says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for bringing it up, Richard. It appeared I have to login to leave a comment. I did not check the anonymous feature when I signed up for a Google account. It’s the only reason I am (currently) using this account is to follow Robin, although it appears I have alternative ways to do that. I would like Robin to know it’s me commenting. That might leave me anonymous as “CarolynC” to anyone else until another “CarolynC” may come along. BTW in a prior job, there were two Carolyn C.’s. We both thought it was funny that our operations manager couldn’t tell us apart even though we are of different races.;^)I could experiment and leave another anonymous comment from the horse woman, although that wouldn’t be very anonymous, would it? :^)

  4. Robin Wilton says:

    Hmm. Interesting. If I try to leave a comment (on my own blog, which is a bit sad unless it’s in response…), I get a “Comment as” box and am invited to select from a number of different profiles, including Name/URL and anonymous. Either of those should be possible without a Blogger account, I think, though probably to ‘follow’ you might need one.This is one of those things where as the ‘publisher’, it’s very easy not to understand what the user experience is like for everyone else…I hope everyone can find an option they are happy with!

  5. Anonymous says:

    From CarolynC, a horsewoman (not The Horsewoman). Okay, you got me curious. I unchecked the box that says “share profile” on my Google account, but it still displays my picture on your sidebar. Let’s see if I have to login to my Google account when I comment as anonymous…Nope. I still have to login. Hmm.

  6. CarolynC says:

    Sorry, Robin. It’s the learning curve thing. I needed to use the “manage” button to change from “public” to “anonymous” following. Voila. BTW, I think the other Carolyn C. may be able to assist me with another challenge I am currently working on. Glad this whole subject came up, or I might not have thought of her to seek advice. 🙂

  7. Robin Wilton says:

    OK – glad this is working out for you. I guess this confirms the principle that privacy is hard to do! It’s not enough for the privacy-enabling feature to be present, it has to be clear how you invoke it (is it a Google account setting, an option in the ‘follow’ gadget, etc. etc.), and it would be nice if the mechanism was a bit more transparent from the ‘publisher’ perspective as well as the ‘user’ perspective.Perhaps my next consultancy offering should be “how to manage your Blogger privacy options”. Useful, but a bit niche.

  8. CarolynC says:

    Robin, I did read your entire web site on your new business. It is impressive for a start. I found one minor mistake you made, that you fixed before I mentioned it. Ha!I don’t want to use your blog or anyone else’s as a self promoting tool. That’s maybe not so much a privacy thing… but you and a few others know my last name and you can find me on LinkedIn. So what care I if my already displayed photo on their site is also on your site. I have faith the probability of your readers stealing my photo are fairly slim.Notice, I was following your blog anonymously, and they didn’t count me as a follower. I have always been there, racingsnake! cc

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