It’s real…!

OK, I suppose over the last few years I have become increasingly used to seeing my name on a conference badge… though in a couple of instances it has provoked an unexpected response. For example, I went to one event where a number of MPs were present, and couldn’t work out why I was getting a rather frosty reaction from some of them. It turned out that on my badge it just said

Robin Wilton

and they assumed I was a journalist from the mammary-obsessed tabloid newspaper.

Well, I just emptied my pockets after the conclusion of the workshop in Davis and looked down at this on the table:

It’s still my name, but this time the one under it is my own company. It must be real…!

Strange feeling.


One thought on “It’s real…!

  1. CarolynC says:

    It feels strange to you, yes, Robin. Maybe it’s like you moved to a new home and you wake up in the morning and aren’t really sure where you are for a moment or two… and then you remember, “Ah, I’m home.” It doesn’t feel strange to me. You are the same Robin Wilton you have always been, with the same goals and aspirations since I’ve always known you. :^)

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