Occam’s razor loses a blade…

I always think its strange when someone’s instinctive reaction to unexplained aerial phenomena is to assume that the most logical explanation is extra-terrestrial activity – and this news story is no exception. One of the turbines on a wind farm in Lincolnshire is two blades short of a full set, after an as yet unexplained bump in the night.

What strikes me as odd is this: here we have the assumption of alien travellers with the inclination, the technical and intellectual capability to travel unimaginable distances to Earth, and the cunning to remain undetected… And yet they are incompetent enough to lurch straight into a man-made structure which, by my reckoning, is about 60 metres high and has a 40-metre diameter fan on top.

Illogical, captain.


2 thoughts on “Occam’s razor loses a blade…

  1. Unexplained bump? I thought perhaps you were talking about Rachida Dati.

  2. Robin Wilton says:

    “Must have a pelvis like a bucket…”, as I once heard an obstetrician comment rather tactlessly.Maybe she does a lot of Pilates.

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