Liberty Alliance webcast on ArisID

The Liberty Alliance will be hosting a webcast next Thursday (Dec. 11th) at 4pm GMT. Registration is through this URL.

ArisID has grown out of Liberty’s existing IGF (Identity Governance Framework) programme, and was set up to work on two aspects of IGF:

– to produce a simple, web-services based implementation of Declarative Identity Services (in which applications state how they expect identity services to be provided, and assume that servers are intelligent enough to cater for that);

– to put Client Attribute Requirements Markup Language (CARML) into practice… so that there are effective ways for data subjects and data controllers to express their expectations.

(For more information, visit the wiki and FAQ here)

This is a really practical step towards simple but effective management of identity data and the associated relationships in which it is exchanged; if you’re interested not just in where web-based identity management is heading, but how to get there, this is definitely a webcast to catch.